2001 11 1 11:43:24 AM

Pictures of various parts of GE CT Generator

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    The following are some photographs taken during an inspection of a GE CT (combustion turbine) Generator. The first picture is of the generator rotor taken from the turbine end of the rotor. The second picture is of the generator stator taken from the field end of the generator with the rotor removed. Then third picture is a close up of the ESD sensor leads coming from the generator rotor. The fourth picture is of the flux sensor imbedded in the stator. The last picture is of RTD leads coming out from the end of the generator stator.

    GErotor.jpg 2001 11 1 11:35:06 AM (Generator Rotor Turbine End)

    GEstator.jpg 2001 11 1 11:36:08 AM (Generator Stator Field End)

    GEesd.jpg 2001 11 1 11:37:26 AM (Electrostatic Discharge Leads at Stator Field End)

    GEflux.jpg 2001 11 1 11:37:42 AM (Flux Sensor in Stator)

    GErtd.jpg 2001 11 1 11:40:06 AM (RTD Leads at Stator Field End)