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Welcome to the engineering page of Thomas Blair, M.S.E.E., P.E.
Industrial Power Distribution
- 2nd Edition, Dr. Ralph Fehr - HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!
- Seminar on NESC-2012 Changes, Class Materials
- Seminar on EMD
IEEE EMD PDF - Seminar on EMD
- Energy Production Systems Engineering Course Website
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Generation Engineering

USS ALABAMA, SSBN 731 I was part of the launching crew for the USS Alabama, SSBN 731. Her photograph is shown to the left. To visit her berth, click on her picture.
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My Warriors Place - My Warriors Place is a Retreat Center for Veterans, Military Service Members, First Responders, Gold Star, Blue Star and Silver Star Families .

"Name of Web Pages I have developed."
"Links to Web Pages I have developed."
"Celebrate Engineering 2004 Web Site"
Celebrate 2004 Engineering Web Pages
"IEEE PES Substations Annual Meeting 2007"
"IEEE PES Substations Annual Meeting 2008"
"IEEE PES Annual Conference 2007"
IEEE PES 2007 .
"IEEE I&CPS Annual Meeting 2008"
IEEE I&CPS 2008 .
"IEEE FWCS PES/IAS Chapter Page"
"IEEE PES Substations Annual Meeting 2007"

"Tom's Engineering ToolBox"
Following are several engineering websites that I have developed over the years that may provide useful information.
NEMA Motor Starter Sizes.
Motor Circuit Design Page.
Motor Torque Design Page.
Motor Max. Load Inertia Design Page.
Transformer Current Reference Page.
Volt and Power DB Conversion Page Reference Page.
Resistor Color Code Reference Page.
Chart of Standard Wiring Colors For Electronic Equipment Applications Reference Page.
Basic Math Calculator Page.
Manufacturer/Distributor Referral Page.
Chart of Ratio of Peak to RMS to Average Values for SCR Controlled Waveforms.
CSD Inverter Heat Generation Info. Page.
High Altitude Voltage and Current Derate Factor Page.
IEC Motor Data Information Page.
Standards of Control Power Circuits Around the World.
Medium Voltage Motor FLA Chart.
Chart of motor rated current vs. ground conductor size.
Chart of NEMA 1/12 fan CFM sizing..
Chart of NEMA 4 enclosure sizing for heat dissipation.
Chart of Max. forces between conductors during short circuit.
Commonly Used Symbols for One Line Diagrams.
IEEE Device Numbers and Functions.
Medium System and Equipment Voltage Table.
Power Factor Correction Table.
Standard Amp Ratings of Circuit Protective Devices.
Synchronous Motor KVAR Vs. Load at Full Excitation Chart.
Typical Demand Factor Chart.
Typical Transformer Impedance Chart.
Typical Lineman's / Electrician's Glove Insulation Rating Chart.
Mesh to Micron Conversion Chart.
Transformer Full Load Current and Fusing Chart.

Tampa Electric Company .
Click on Power Plant Pictures for some pictures of large power plant equipment.
Motortronics/Phasetronics For information on motor and power controls
To read some of the links below, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download this software from:
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
ALX Series Quick Startup Manual.
ALX Series Technical Manual.

Technical Papers:
FIRING SERIES SCRs AT MEDIUM VOLTAGE: Understanding the Topologies Ensures theOptimum Gate Drive Selection. This paper was written by Frank Peter Wahl III who is currently a design engineer with ENERPRO, Power Electronics Control Specialists, in Goleta, CA. You can also download this paper from ENERPRO. This paper discusses the three fundamental series SCR gate drive topologies and their most common variants, including floating bias drivers, MV pulse transformers, and light triggered designs and compares the advantages, limitations and inherent features of each design.

SEMICONDUCTOR GENERATED WAVEFORM MODELING And Waveform Harmonic Reduction by Filter Modeling. This paper describes how to model a nonlinear waveform generated by a solid-state power/motor control in MathCAD. Then it demonstrates transforming this waveform from the time domain to the frequency domain using discrete Fourier transforms providing the harmonic coefficients for the individual harmonic frequencies. Finally, it shows how to select a low pass circuit to reduce the higher order harmonics. Methods of calculating THD of both filtered and non filtered waveforms are also shown.

MOTOR CHARACTERISTIC CURVE MODELING DURING CURRENT LIMIT STARTING USING SOLID STATE CONTROLS And Comparison with Across The Line Starting (ATL) Methods. It describes how to model various NEMA rated motors for both ATL and current limit starting methods for torque vs. speed and power vs. speed curves. Then it compares motor characteristic starting torque and speed for both methods.

SCR GENERATED WAVEFORM MODELING. This paper describes how to model an SCR generated waveform and calculate the RMS and average value of current at any given delay angle. It also describes how to calculate the THD of the waveform at any given delay angle. It also shows the values of Irms, Iavg, and THD for all delay angles from 0 to 179 degrees.

3 PHASE AC MOTOR STARTING METHODS. This paper describes basic AC induction motor circuit theory and then discusses how AC induction motors react to both across the line starting methods and soft starting methods.

Professional Engineering Links:
National Society of Professional Engineers.
FBPE  Florida Board of Professional Engineers.
NCEES  National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
IEEE-IAS-PCIC Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Industrial Applications Society, Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee.
IEEE Region 3 Activities Page.
Florida's West Coast IEEE Site. This Section serves over 2,300 members in Charlotte, Citrus, DeSoto, Hardee, Hernando, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, and Sarasota Counties.
IAS. IEEE Industrial Applications Society.
IEEE Power Engineering Society  IEEE PES Home Page
IEEE Standards Association Home Page for the IEEE Standard Association
IEEE SA website map Map of IEEE Standards Association web site.
IEEE. Online Communities (Requires Logon name and password).
IAEI. International Association of Electrical Inspectors.
AFE . Suncoast Chapter 81.
ASME. The Florida West Coast Section of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
FES. Florida Engineering Society.
Pinellas FES. Pinellas Chapter of FES.
OSHA  Occupational Safety and Health Admin. Home Page
OSHA 1910Occupational Safety and Health Admin. Standard 1910 Table of Contents
NIOSH Paper Electrical Safety Paper by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.
(EEI) Edison Electric Institute.

Engineering Education Links:
USF  University of South Florida.
USF ENG  ULF College of Engineering.
PPI.  Professional Publications, Inc.

Mathematics Resources:
Eric Weinstein's World of Mathematics.
Martindale's Desk Reference.

Engineering Calculators & Software:
I Figure  I Figure Pump Calculator
MATHCAD Mathcad home page.
Orcad Software Homepage  Orcad/Cadence Software Home Page
Online Unit Conversion An Online Unit Conversion Calculator Web Page

Engineering References:
Emerson Technical Reference The Technical Reference section includes articles covering regulator theory, sizing, selection, overpressure protection, noise, freezing, and other topics relating to regulators.
NFPA National Fire Protection Association.
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association Home Page.
EASA  Electrical Apparatus Service Association.
EASA Handbook  EASA electrical engineering handbook info.
Matweb Materials Information Page For information on properties of materials.
Global Engineering Documents. . To Purchase Standards.
Bolt Torque Chart. . Torque and hardness for various grades of fasteners.
Fire Pump Controller Information. . View an interactive slide show describing fire pump controllers.
PLC Direct. . Various PLC manuals
Allen Bradley . Manuals on Line.
GE Power. . GE Power Systems Homepage.
GE 7FA Users Group. . provide forums designed to foster open communication and collaboration between people designing and operating facilities utilizing GE7FAs!
Magnetic Force Due To Short Circuit Current Information on Magnetic forces during short circuit events.
Plugs Common Plug Types Used Around the World.
Voltage Characteristic Listings by Country (A thru F).
Voltage Characteristic Listings by Country (G thru M).
Voltage Characteristic Listings by Country (N thru Z).
Voltage Characteristic Listings by Country.

Electrical Engineering Magazines:
Drives Magazine
Electricity Today Magazine
PCIM Magazine
NASA Tech Briefs  NASA Tech Brief Magazine
Electric Light and Power

Server Resources:
National Hurricane Center Web Site Official site for the National Hurricane Center.
Dog Pile Search Engine.
MSN  Web Page.
Yahoo Web Page.
Geocities  Web Page.
Google Web Page.
The Dilbert Zone. .
Universal Currency Converter. .
Bowest Library Engineering Reference Page.
Electrical Engineering Page Reference info. for EEs
Mad Scientist Net. Scientific Reference Page.
Reference Desk Page. General Information Reference Page.
Sam's schematic collection  A collection of electrical schematics
Thomas Register Thomas Register
Watlow Electric Engineering Reference Page This Reference section to assist in understanding the principles of electric thermal systems and components.
U.S. Time Information
World Time Information World Time Information.

Power Engineering References:
Links to Power Engineering Sites.
Electricity Forum Information on the Electric Industry
US Department of Energy US Department of Energy
US Department of Energy, Fossil Fuel page  US Department of Energy, Fossil Fuel page
EPRI  The Electric Power Research Institute
EIA  Energy Information Administration
Home Energy Saving Info.

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